Ole Smokey

Ole Smokey spends his free weekends traveling around the area to various rodeos, competing in mutton busting, his most favorite competition. He also enjoys kite making and flying, completing arts and crafts projects and antique lamp collecting.

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


On his way home from watching the Maple Leafs, Gretzky loves nothing more than to grab a Sonic Footlong Quarter Pound Coney and a Route 44 Blue Coconut Slush, which he always unsuccessfully requests with maple syrup. He’s the president of the Mats Sundin fan club, enjoys playing video games and reading up on Irish folklore and traditions.

Dimensions: 22" (H) x 15" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Lucas loves reading about quantum mechanics, along with other scholarly studies. He enjoys playing lawn darts, building model lighthouses and scrapbooking. Lucas usually ends up spouting off facts about the periodic table of elements at any dinner parties he’s invited to.

Sorry, this robot is adopted.

Norfolk Downs

A chemist at heart, Norfolk Downs spends most of his free time replicating chemistry experiments that he finds fascinating. He also likes participating in backgammon tournaments, adding to his abundant pencil collection, admiring his ponytail and singing karaoke in the mirror.

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Because of his love of paleontology, Tea’s dream is to travel the world looking for undiscovered fossils. He also enjoys playing checkers, riding escalators and studying the maps of various subway systems.

Dimensions: 12.5" (H) x 5" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Chip is obsessed with Star Wars and spends a lot of his free time writing fan fiction online. He also enjoys playing lawn darts, practicing magic tricks and studying the laws of thermodynamics.

Dimensions: 24.5" (H) x 11 (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Kentucky likes to think that one day he’ll hit his growth spurt and will no longer be the smallest one among his friends and acquaintances. He enjoys mathematical equations, stamp collecting and coffee roasting and brewing. He would also like to point out that he feels extra-confident in plaid.

Dimensions: 7" (H) x 3" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


422B is obsessed with antique steam locomotives and wishes he could have been around to ride the rails with some of his favorite models. He also enjoys reading, gardening and a good Tupperware party every now and again.

Dimensions: 24.5" (H) x 11" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Sentinel enjoys speed reading, actively participating in geometry club and collecting gems and minerals. He considers himself quite the birder and is currently studying the flight patterns of Norwegian white geese.

Dimensions: 12.5" (H) x 6" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


J.V.B. mostly spends his time scouring the Internet for additions to his famous scientists bobblehead collection. He also enjoys puppetry, presidential history and textile weaving. He recently put on a pair of protective shoulder pads and now vows to never take them off.

Dimensions: 18" (H) x 10" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Claude enjoys transmitting electromagnetic waves to his friends in other locations. He’s an avid crafter, often making projects involving macrame and other forms of textiles, and has recently gotten into pottery painting. Claude would someday like to travel the world visiting roadside attractions in every country.

Dimensions: 14" (H) x 6" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Ben really likes collecting comic books, antiquing on the weekends and taking vitamins. He’s been dreaming of finding the perfect oak buffet table that he can refinish and make his own. Ben often spends hours at a time reading how-to manuals on ant farming and hopes to soon start his own operation.

Dimensions: 11" (H) x 6" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Richberry is obsessed with his Radio Flyer wagon, spending hours each day practicing for a number of various races and competitions. He’s been saving up for new custom wheels, which he expects will make him travel even faster. Outside of being an adrenaline junkie, Richberry also enjoys gardening, electromagnetic studies and theoretical astronomy.

Dimensions: 12.5" (H) x 9" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Bersted loves wheeling himself around, visiting roadside attractions on his road trips to each of the presidential libraries. When not vacationing, he enjoys quilting, playing checkers and brewing homemade root beer.

Dimensions: 15.5" (H) x 11.5" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.

Sencore II

Sencore II loves collecting arrowheads, dehydrating various fruits and meats and putting together scrapbooks. He's obsessed with his new laser gun but feels like he needs a little more practice on his aim. Sencore II spends quite a bit of time in online chat rooms, unsuccessfully trying to connect with others who share his unique hobbies.

Dimensions: 24.5" (H) x 12" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Stanley is a big fan of bubble wrap, often bringing a few squares of it wherever he goes so he can pop on-the-run. He likes kitchen gadgets, makes artistic mosaics and almost always stays up late watching Seinfeld reruns.

Dimensions: 8" (H) x 8" (W) when seated

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Sharp loves making and eating various confections but tries to pace himself so as not to gain too much weight in his midsection. He enjoys reading self-help advice columns, crashing weddings and collecting souvenirs from road-side convenience stores.

Dimensions: 9.5" (H) x 10" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.

Model 159

Model 159 prides himself on being a successful literary theorist. He also likes playing badminton, snacking on jelly beans and helping others with their personal finances. In the evenings, he enjoys kicking back and relaxing with a nice jigsaw puzzle.

Dimensions: 19.5" (H) x 11" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Halperin loves dressing up and wants to one day own nothing but business suits. He also likes to play freeze tag, hang out with his pet chihuahua Paco and study economics. Lately, he's been spending quite a bit of time at his favorite coffee shop writing the next great novel on his vintage typewriter, all while completely annoying his fellow coffee shop patrons.

Dimensions: 19" (H) x 8.5" (W)

Sorry, this robot is adopted.


Imperial enjoys collecting garden gnomes because they make him feel tall. He likes doing laundry, reading up on Medieval studies and mime artistry and is completely terrified of jack-in-the-boxes. In the very near future, he's working on installing a new water feature in his bedroom for better sleeping.

Dimensions: 23" (H) x 10.5" (W) 

Sorry, this robot is adopted.

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